Budget Billing

Budget your electric bills for the entire year using Budget Billing

Pay the same amount each month so you can more easily budget your money! Working together, we will set a payment amount (determined by your prior usage) for 11 months. In the 12th month, a final budget payment plus any “true up” amount to settle the account will be billed. This amount includes any difference owed or any credit due based on your Budget Billing agreement. (Note: If your credit is more than you owe, you will continue to have the credit applied to your monthly bills until the credit is depleted.) *

Complete the form below to get started. A Blue Ridge Energy member services representative will contact you within two business days to complete the process.

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*If you designate a primary telephone number for notifications on your account, you are hereby expressly agreeing that the Cooperative may deliver pre-recorded, artificial voice, and/or auto-dialed messages to this primary telephone number, whether the telephone number is for a landline, wireless, cellular telephone or texts.

*Your equalizing (final pay) or "true up" month may be anytime during the year. Payment of the bill on the true up month is expected on or before the past due date. If the account has a credit balance, the amount will be applied to next year’s billing unless the member makes a request for a refund.

Notification will be given during the true up month stating the amount of the budget payment amount for the next eleven months.

The budget payment amount may be adjusted by the consumer services representative at any time during the year if it appears to have been set either too high or too low.

Monthly payment of the exact budget amount is expected and failure to pay will cause the consumer to be penalized and could result in termination of service or removal from the Budget Billing program.