Community Solar

It's official! All 1,472 panels in our community solar gardens are now subscribed.  Thank you for supporting community solar!

Because of the interest shown by our members, Blue Ridge is exploring additional solar options. 

Community solar gardens offer Blue Ridge members easy access to solar energy without the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance of rooftop solar. The program allows members to subscribe to one or more panels and receive a bill credit for the energy they produce. If you'd like to subscribe to community solar, please complete the form below and we will contact you when panels are available.

Our Energy Solutions team members are ready to help answer all your questions regarding availability and pricing.

Call one of our trusted energy advisors to learn more.

Call one of our trusted energy advisors to learn more.

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  • How much will it cost?

    You can subscribe to the energy generated by a solar panel in the community solar garden for $4.50 per month.

  • Will the cost of the subscription ever change?

    No, you are locking in the production from one solar panel for $4.50 as long as you stay subscribed. Blue Ridge will operate the community solar gardens for a minimum of 20 years and may extend that term as long as the equipment is functional and productive.

  • What does subscribing to a panel mean?

    You are not purchasing a solar panel. Subscribing means you are making a monthly payment in exchange for the energy produced by the panel. You will receive a bill credit for your share of the energy generated. A subscription will require a one year commitment and automatically renews. After the first year, a member can end the subscription at any time without penalty.

  • How much energy will a panel generate monthly?

    The amount of sunlight the panel receives will vary based upon the season and weather. A panel should produce an average of 36 kWh per month. To ensure that all participants get an equal bill credit, Blue Ridge will total the energy generated by all four community solar gardens then divide by the total number of panels. All participants will then receive an equal share as a variable monthly bill credit.


  • How many panels can I subscribe to?

    There is a 10 panel limit per member to allow as many members as possible the opportunity to participate in community solar.

  • How many panels are available?

    There are 368 panels in each of the four community solar gardens located in Caldwell, Watauga, Ashe and Alleghany counties and all are subscribed at this time.

  • Why is Blue Ridge doing this?

    Blue Ridge wants to make going solar simple and easy for our members. Only 22 percent of residential rooftops are suitable for solar due to shading and orientation issues and many renters have no option to install panels. Community solar has no upfront installation or ongoing maintenance costs for subscribers.