Auto-fill Delivery

With auto-fill delivery service, we will schedule a delivery based on the system estimated percentage in the tank. Our auto-fill customers receive 24-hour emergency delivery service and will not receive an after hours or non-work day delivery charge if the tank runs empty and your account balance is current. Credit approved auto-fill customers are also eligible for our budget billing program.

Note: Our auto-fill delivery system calculates by heating degree days. These are the number of days that the average temperature for a particular day is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This is calculated by adding the highest temperature and the lowest temperature for that day and dividing that total by two. If that number is lower than 65, the difference between the two numbers is the heating degree day total for that day. This allows our system to estimate how much propane a customer is using during the winter.

"Daily Use Factors" are also part of our system to account for gallons being used for year round appliances, like water heaters, gas ranges, or gas dryers. Please let us know if you have propane appliances that require year round use.

It's important to regularly check the tank gauge and contact our office if the level is low. 

Will Call Delivery

Will call or call in service allows you to manage when your tank is filled. We will work to deliver within three to five business days of when you place your order; however, severe weather or other unforeseen events could affect the wait time-frame. If you use propane, we recommend you monitor your tank gauge and place your order when your tank has between 25% to 30% remaining. This will allow us to route your delivery before your tank runs too low. Service charges will apply if "same day" service or after hours service is requested.

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Ready to Order Fuel?

Existing customer – simply sign in to your account online to place an order or call your local office.

New customer – complete your online application or call today and we will be happy to discuss delivery options with you and tell you about other beneficial available programs.

Fees and Other Charges

A Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) fee is charged per delivery. This fee helps to offset compliance costs related to regulations, hazardous materials, and safety. The safety of our customers and employees is of the highest level of importance to us and we make every effort to ensure our equipment, procedures, and safety efforts meet the highest industry standards.

After-hours and/or same day delivery charges may be assessed  if customer requests a delivery outside of a normal scheduled route.

Blue Ridge Energy, LLC reserves the right to change or add fees, charges, or fee amounts without notification to customers based on current changes in our business or the fuels industry. For a complete list of fees or charges including tank lease or minimum usage fee information, please contact our office. 

Important Notice:

In the event of severe or inclement weather, we will make every reasonable effort to deliver fuel; however, delivery service may be suspended if roads or weather conditions prohibit safe travel and place an employee or property at risk. Delivery service may also be suspended if a customer's driveway is not free of debris, snow, ice, or other impairments.

Company does not and cannot guarantee that a customer's tank will never run empty regardless of delivery type (auto-fill or will call). Customer should periodically check the tank gauge percentage and notify us if the level is low.