Propane Filling Stations

Save money!

Refilling your propane tank is cheaper than exchanging.

Instead of exchanging your tank, have it refilled at a trained and qualified propane fill station. In general, you'll spend almost two dollars less per gallon by refilling instead of exchanging. That adds up!

And most of us don't let our tanks go 100% empty. If you exchange your tank and it isn't completely empty, you lose that leftover propane!

Refilling your propane tank is easy, cheap and convenient; refill stations have trained attendants to fill your tank.

A few safety precautions to take into account when transporting your tank to a filling station:
Be sure you always keep your propane tank upright and do not leave your tank in a hot car during the summer! Extreme heat can increase the tank’s pressure to a dangerous level.

You should only go to trained and qualified propane filling stations to refill your propane tanks!
Tanks should never be overfilled as it may cause a leak and be harmful to you and your loved ones. Most towns and cities have plenty of local propane filling stations for your convenience.

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