Purchase Discounted Wildlife Seed

Through our current right-of-way (ROW) program, Blue Ridge Energy offers up to a $500 per acre incentive to members who clear their own ROW.

Through our partnership with the White Tail Institute, Blue Ridge Energy is pleased to offer wildlife seeds at a 20 percent discount to any member who clears their own ROW. This offer also include free shipping!

Prior to the start of clearing your property, please contact us for approval of the ROW clearing to receive monetary incentive up to 50 percent of cost ($500 per acre maximum).

If your ROW is already cleared, don't despair! Though we can't offer any monetary incentive, any member can go online and order from White Tail Institute and receive the full discount plus free shipping.

Order Wildlife Seeds

To receive a 20% discount + free shipping at checkout,
call 800-688-3030, ext. 221 or simply mention "Blue Ridge Energy" when ordering.
Members matter!