Respecting the Power of Electricity

Electricity provides us with many comforts and conveniences. Every day, we use refrigerators, TV’s, VCR’s, stereos, microwave ovens, home computers and many other appliances. Like other forms of energy, electricity must be treated with respect.

While electricity provides us with many luxuries in the home, it also has the potential to cause harm. Ensuring that your home complies with the following safety checklist can prevent many potential dangers of electricity.

Safety Checklist

  • Electric outlets are not overloaded with lots of plugs
  • Electric cords are in good condition
  • Electric cords do not run under rugs or furniture legs near hot appliances
  • Carry appliances by the handle and not the cord
  • There is a fire extinguisher in the house and that you know how to use it
  • Safety caps are on outlets that children can reach
  • Small appliances are turned off and/or unplugged when leaving your house
  • Cords should not be nailed or stapled to a wall, baseboard or any other object