“Look both ways before you cross the street.”
“Wait 30 minutes after you eat before you go swimming again.”
“Don’t talk to strangers.”

Every day, parents are telling their kids to play it safe. Parents educate their children on the dangers of busy roads and talking to people they do not know, but are parents educating their children on how to play it safe around electricity?

Parents should take the time to point out to children potential areas of danger around the home, the neighborhood and even the community. Simply pointing out where overhead power lines, underground power lines and the service entrance (meter) are located to children and urging them to keep their distance could save a child’s life.

Children are always climbing, digging and exploring. It’s a natural part of being a kid. Every time a child climbs a tree that is located near power lines, there is potential for a mishap to occur. Eliminate the possibility of any climbing accident by educating your children on the dangers of power lines near trees. Explain to your children that climbing trees or on top of structures decrease the clearance between power lines and themselves.

Climbing trees, flying kites, and building tree houses near power lines are never a good idea- communicate this with children.

Substations are off-limits places that kids always seem to be infatuated with. It is like forbidden fruit- the “High Voltage” and “Warning” signs entice children even more to go where they are not supposed to go. Explain to your kids the importance of staying away from the substation areas and tell them not to enter the fenced area for any reason.

We all know that children love to climb on and over just about anything. Fences are particularly inviting, but parents must stress the importance of staying away from substations.

It’s time for parents to take action. Discussing the dangers of electricity is one of the greatest lessons parents can share with their children.