• What is the Blue Ridge Electric Members Foundation?

    The Foundation was established in 2007 to provide assistance to members and service organizations assisting local communities.

  • Where do the funds for the Foundation come from and what are they used for?

    Funding for Foundation come from generous members who have volunteered to round up their monthly electric bill every month through the Operation Round Up programs.  Members also may donate all or a portion of their Capital Credits each year. Additionally, each year the cooperatives two subsidiaries, Blue Ridge Energy, LLC and RidgeLink, LLC may donate a portion of year-end profits to the Foundation. 

    The Blue Ridge Electric Members Foundation returns 100 percent of these donations to help members in need of crisis heating assistance and also to local non-profit organizations that are providing additional local services to our members and communities through community grants.

  • Who is eligible for Foundation funding?

    The Foundation receives grant applications from service organizations that provides benefits to the people in Blue Ridge Energy's service area and who are providing needed services in the areas of health wellness and treatment; education and youth; economic and community development; and environmental enhancement and quality of life.

    Applications for religious or political use will not be reviewed for funding.

    Organizations should seek grants to provide specific services that benefit others. General operating expenses should not be requested.

  • Important information for applicants of Community Grants

    The following information will be helpful to remember or consider as you complete your application.

    • The Foundation Advisory Committee who will review your application is made up of members just like you. Employees of Blue Ridge Energy do not evaluate applications.
    • All grant applications must provide clearly identifiable potential benefit to the community and the membership.
      All grant applications must demonstrate clear fiscal and administrative capability.
    • All grant applications (organization, project or program) must be clearly defined and have the potential for general membership understanding.
    • Applicants that demonstrate the ability to leverage other sources of funding are desirable; the Foundation will refrain from situations where it may be the primary or principal funding source and/or become the lifeline for continuing service of the applicant.
    • All applicants should be able to provide results that are predictable and can be evaluated and allow ready access to this information upon request.
    • Applications that can demonstrate direct assistance or benefit to the members and communities will receive greater consideration than applications that have less direct or immediate impact.
    • In order to receive grant proceeds, all grant recipients are required to sign a contract and agree to provide a report detailing the use of the grant. Failure to comply with these requirements will prevent future grant consideration.
    • Only one grant application per organization will be accepted per year. 
    • The community grant funding is limited to $25,000 per grant. 

Want to learn more?

Blue Ridge Energy will be glad to share more information about the goals and objectives of the Members Foundation.

Please contact Tasha Rountree at 828-759-8994 or by email at trountree@blueridgeenergy.com.