Certificate of Completion and Interconnection Agreement for Renewable Energy Systems up to 100 Kilowatts 

After the Inteconnection Request has been approved by the cooperative and the installation is complete, submit the Certificate of Completion and Interconnection Agreement.

Certification of Completion    Interconnection Agreement

Key points to keep in mind when submitting the Certificate of Completion:

  • Standard homeowner liability insurance with coverage of at least $300,000 per occurrence is required to be in effect at all times. A copy of the current policies “declaration page” or “certificate of insurance” must be submitted with the certificate of completion.

  • The generating facility must have been inspected and approved by the appropriate building/electrical inspector(s) having local jurisdiction; and a signed copy of the approved electrical permit submitted with the Certificate of Completion.

  • A meter set and system testing fee of $75 must be submitted with the Certificate of Completion. (Check made payable to Blue Ridge Energy.) If the system does not pass Blue Ridge testing, additional visits will incur a $75 per visit fee.

  • The Interconnection Agreement should be signed and returned with the Certificate of Completion.

  • The completed Interconnection request and associated documents may be emailed to Jon Jacob, electric services specialist at jjacob@blueridgeenergy.com or faxed to his attention at 828-758-2699. Hardcopies and payments can be mailed to Jason's attention at:
        Blue Ridge Energy
        P.O. Box 112
        Lenoir, NC 28645

  • Once all the necessary documents have been received, the Cooperative will contact you to schedule an onsite inspection/meter set.

Certification Codes and Standards for Interconnecting an Inverter Based Generating Facility up to 25 kW

Certification Codes and Standards

  • These Codes and Standards reference the national guidelines that have been developed by utilities, building inspectors, engineers and others to provide specific standards that should be applied to all installations of renewable energy generation facilities based on past experience and using prudent utility practices.

  • They have been approved and adopted by the various governing bodies and represent the current and best practice available. These Codes and Standards may be updated as new experience dictates and they will become part of the Interconnection Procedures and Forms at that time.

  • All duly promulgated applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, codes, decrees, judgments, directives, or judicial or administrative orders, permits and other duly authorized actions of any Governmental Authority will be considered and applied to these Interconnection Procedures and Forms as may be appropriate and at the sole discretion of the Cooperative.


Certification of Generator Equipment Packages

  • Generating Facility equipment proposed for use separately or packaged with other equipment in an interconnection system shall be considered certified for interconnected operation if:

    • It has been tested in accordance with industry standards for continuous utility interactive operation in compliance with the appropriate codes and standards referenced below by any Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) recognized by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration to test and certify interconnection equipment pursuant to the relevant codes and standards listed in the Interconnection Procedures;

    • It has been labeled and is publicly listed by such NRTL at the time of the Interconnection Request; and;

    • Such NRTL makes readily available for verification all test standards and procedures it utilized in performing such equipment certification, and, with consumer approval, the test data itself. The NRTL may make such information available on its website and by encouraging such information to be included in the manufacturer’s literature accompanying the equipment.

If a member has a question about the Certification of their Generator Equipment Package, they should contact the Cooperative to discuss issues that need to be reviewed.

Upon receipt of both the Certificate of Completion and signed Interconnection Agreement, along with any remaining documents, a Cooperative representative will contact you to schedule an on-site system inspection/meter set.

Contact information at Blue Ridge Energy, Jon Jacob, Energy Solutions Manager, at 800-451-5474, or through your local Blue Ridge Energy office.