Submitting Your
Interconnection Request

Key points to keep in mind when submitting an application:

  • Specify if applying for Net Metering or Net Billing Interconnection; and whether sell-excess or sell all.

  • A visible, lockable external disconnect switch which clearly indicates the renewable system is in an “open” or “closed” state is required and must be located adjacent to the renewable system metering point and accessible to Cooperative personnel at all times. A permanent label must be attached to the switch as well.

  • A one-line diagram (see sample diagram) must be included with the interconnection request that shows the location of the disconnect switch and location of the meter(s).

  • "Stand-alone" renewable systems (not associated with an existing metering point) will be allowed up to 200 feet of new “service drop” (the Cooperative's secondary voltage wiring located between the transformer and metering point) at no additional charge. When secondary service length beyond 200 feet is required and/or if primary voltage wiring is required to enable the interconnection, an aid to construction charge will apply and must be paid for in advance prior to the Cooperative’s service installation. (Note: Members will be advised of any applicable aid to construction charges once the interconnection request has been approved and the Cooperative's engineering staff has assessed the installation).

  • The Interconnection Agreement and associated electric service account for new “Stand-alone” renewable systems requiring construction of a new service drop/metering point must be in the same name.

  • "Sell-all" renewable systems interconnecting at an existing meter location may require power to be disconnected by the Cooperative to enable prewiring for interconnection by the member’s electrical contractor. On Sell-All installations please coordinate the contractor’s pre-wire scheduling with the Cooperative’s local district operations department by providing at least two weeks advance notice.

  • An application fee of $50 must be submitted with the Interconnection request (Check made payable to Blue Ridge Energy).

  • Interconnection and parallel operation of the member-owners generating equipment with the Cooperative’s system is not permitted prior to the system having been inspected/approved by the local building/electrical inspector and inspected/approved for interconnection by the Cooperative, and the Interconnection Agreement having been signed by the member and Cooperative representative.

  • The completed Interconnection Application can be e-mailed to Jon Jacob, energy solutions manager,  at or faxed to his attention at 828-758-2699. Hardcopies and payments can be mailed to Jon's attention at:
        Blue Ridge Energy
        P.O. Box 112
        Lenoir, NC 28645

  • The Cooperatives Engineering department will review your application and will we contact you regarding the status.

Contact information at Blue Ridge Energy, Jon Jacob, Energy Solutions Manager, at 800-451-5474, or through your local Blue Ridge Energy office.